Meet the Team – Fleur Perry

Fleur Perry, member of the HMViP

Fleur has joined the group to support our work on neuromuscular conditions and to represent the patient view as we move onto our next series of projects.

She is a member of Pathfinders Neuromuscular Alliance which promotes choice, control and quality of life for teenagers and adults in the UK with neuromuscular conditions. It campaigns for improved standards of health and social care, and provides advice, guidance and support on issues such as independent living, housing, employment and welfare rights.

Fleur enjoys nothing more than getting stuck in with rights-based projects and being constructively chaotic. We’re looking forward to working with her!

What is your interest in HMV?
I started using HMV in 2001 and now use it every day. I believe that cough assist and HMV are fabulous and are essential to my day-to-day health.

When did you join the HMViP?
October 2022

What do you personally hope to see the group achieve?
Providing access to information is key to being able to advocate for the right equipment and checks at the right time. By making this information more easily available and breaking down the jargon, we can work together to make sure everyone gets what they need.